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  • Janice M. Stooksberry
    August 1
  • Dick Cancelmo
    August 2
  • Yvonne Ray
    August 3
  • Phil Mabry
    August 13
  • Burt Ballanfant
    August 15
  • Carol Gradziel
    August 15
  • Jane Richardson
    August 15
  • Greg Faldyn
    August 16
  • Jack Wallace
    August 25
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    August 27
  • Chase Kronzer
    August 30
  • Kimberly Phipps-Nichol
    August 30
Welcome to our Club!

Celebrating 23 Years of Service to the Community and World

West U

#1 Giver to The Rotary Foundation 2015-16, #1 Giver to Polio 2015-16, Best Large Club 2012-13

We meet Thursdays at 7:15 AM
The Merrill House
2502 Algerian Way
Houston, TX  77027
United States
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Home Page Stories
We have fallen in love with the mission of 'Have Shears Will Travel'.  So much so that we chose it for our District Grant recipient.  These funds come from the WURC foundation and matched by our District
foundation.   Cecile presented the $4,000 check to Barbara Goodson on Monday, August 14.  
This money will go far in advancing HSWT to serve more people.  Congratulations, Barbara!
Hard to believe another school year is upon us but the arrival of our exchange students confirm it.   Julia from Argentina arrived at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 8th to a warm West U Rotary welcome, then breakfast at Skeeters.   
On Saturday afternoon, Jose from France arrived and Julia joined the group of Rotarians and hosts to welcome him.  
We look forward to getting to know these brave kids as the year progresses.
Keeping his promise to grow it, Chad Spencer lead the effort to load a record 300 backpacks for needy students, in collaboration with the YMCA who will distribute them.  Lots of helpers came out Saturday and we finished in about an hour!  
Thanks to all who donated goods, funds, the space, and time.  
On Thursday, July 20, we gifted Prison Entrepreneurship Program with their share of the proceeds of our 21st annual golf tournament.  
Tony Mayer, Charles Hearne and Bert Smith are all smiles.  This was the most successful tournament in club history!   Great job, Bob Geary & Geoff Lanceley!
Flags, parade, float, songs, burgers, dogs, and donations!   We are everywhere in West U every July 4th!
Warming up!
Our beautiful float!
The picnic fundraiser at Colonial Pool, lead by Chuck Guffey and Judy Faulkner.
Good job, everyone!    Another successful parade & fundraiser!
On July 1st, 2017, the club will officially have a new President and Board.  Crazy Carol is out, and Yes Man George is in.  DG Bill Palko conducted the installations at the Briar Club on June 22.
The new board of directors is as follows:

President: George Adams
President-Elect:  Clyde Hays
Vice President:  Stacy Brevard
Treasurer:  Craig Friou
Asst. Treas.:  Jim Waters
Club Secretary: Dan O'dell
Board Secretary:  Paul Cornett
Past President:  Carol Lester
Irene Duque 
Carmen Flores 
Chad Spencer 
Steven Vaughan 
Jane Richardson 
Lisa Bunse 
Suzanne Diecks 
Terry LeFevre 
Bob Owen
Thank you to all who agreed to serve.
Each June the club recognizes the new and veteran members of the club who have shown exemplary dedication and generosity in service to the club and Rotary's mission.
For the 2016-2017 year, the Rotarian of the Year is Bob Owen,
and the Rookie Rotarian of the Year is Suzanne Diecks.  
Congratulations and thank you, Bob & Suzanne!
And for his years of Rotary service, Phil Mabry was awarded an Honorary Membership, and a Books for the World Award in appreciation for his service to the project.
Congratulations, Phil.  You deserve the recognition!
We are a BIG DEAL, and nothing helps you understand that more than the Rotary International Convention, this year held in Atlanta.  From our club George, Carol, Wally, Dee, Terry, Jack, Kimberly and Don attended.
In 2022, Houston will host and if you haven't gone by then, you'll get your chance without the expense of travel.  We are like the UN, only better!  George came back enthused with ideas and energy, ready to lead us to new heights as a club.
Our club surprised District Governor Eric Liu at the District Conference in Conroe in April with a super sized contribution to Polio Plus that lead to more clubs giving till he surpassed his goal of $250,000 and got closer to $333,000, which, when matched by the Gates Foundation became $1 million!  
We weren't the largest donor, but we were a close second.  And once the ball got rolling by we two, other clubs caught the giving fever till DG Eric met and exceeded his goal.  See Eric receiving our check and recognizing our generosity from last year!   
Every year two trustees on the foundation board rotate off.  Thank you Greg Faldyn and Janice Stooksberry for your service.  Coming on are Steven Vaughan and Mary Nelson.   In addition, Phil Mabry has had to leave the club due to health issues and had two remaining years on the board.   David Redford will finish out Phil's term.   Thank you all for your willingness to serve.
Recall that our club is a partner with other clubs in build housing for families whose children are undergoing treatment at the med center for cancer or transplant.  Terry Ziegler, Wendy Heister and I gave our check to Project Joy & Hope and visited the site where our unit is under construction.  We funded 1/6th of the cost of the home. I hope you can attend the opening of the home, to be announced later.
Congratulations to the three winners of this year's awards!   For educator, Carlos Quintero, nominated by Paul Cornett and Steven Vaughan,
for non-Rotarian, Barbara Goodson of Have Shears Will Travel, nominated by Cecile Schutter,
and for Rotarian, Clarence Miller for his years leading the scholarship programs for service and Ambassadorial Scholars.  
Thank you to the Vocational Award Nominating Committee of Fritz Beich, Bob Fry, Mary Nelson and Sharon Williams.  We appreciate your leadership of this program.
Seven Russian doctors and one interpreter came to Houston and our members opened their doors, their hearts and set aside their own obligations to provide a life-changing experience to our Russian VTT visitors.   They are gone now but you can be sure they will always remember the kindness of West U Rotarians.  Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this experience possible for people most of us have grown up being programmed to think of as "the enemy".   Rotary shatters those myths and gives us all a chance to be a peace ambassador.  Nice job, folks!
Do you ever wonder where the photos appear that get taken at every meeting?  the socials? 
These get posted to our Facebook page.   Have you "Liked" us yet, so you can see the stories, the photos, the upcoming programs?
Our page is Rotary Club of West U.   Stay informed and help us spread the word about how great our club is.
It is good to be us.  A leading club in the District, and our District a leader in the world!  We did a wonderful job of being welcoming and respectful to DG Eric and wife Sandra.  We showed off a little by inducting two new members, Margarita Hernandez and Frank Eggleston.  We gave out funds to Small Steps Nurturing Center for one student to go to pre-school for a year, and we gave the District Grant funds to Disaster Aid for a water filter in the Philippines.  We presented our 100th Anniversary of The Rotary Foundation check for $10,000 to Eric.  We streamed his presentation LIVE. 
We had many guests from foreign countries and some local visitors expressed a desire to join our fantastic club. Yes, it is good to be us.
Thank yous go out to Honey Leveen, Frank Parrilla, David Redford and Roger Martin for sponsoring and mentoring our new members. Thank you to Chad Spencer, for finding matching funds for our Small Steps donation, turning our $5K into $10K.  Thank you to Terry LeFebvre for hosting the Bolivian PDG Javier as he and his wife on numerous occasions when they came to Houston for cancer treatment.
Thank you to the Membership Committee, who are attacking the cause of growing membership with gusto.  Visitors seemed absolutely delighted to be at our meeting on Thursday.  Great job!
So were the words of Terry Ziegler in describing our rank in giving to The Rotary Foundation for 2015-16!   See the Foundation story for the details.
Nuff said.   
On the recent Belize projects trip, Jack Wallace and others visited a school that serves children living in meager and violent conditions in Belize City.   Father Matt of St. Martin de Porres School leads a team of dedicated teachers trying to help 700+ children who are growing up under the most stressful conditions.  Many have family that are gang members and virtually all have been touched by gang violence, many having seen someone they knew killed.  A study by a visiting psychologist revealed many kids are suffering from PTSD.  In addition, food is often scarce at home. It's hard to hear the teacher when your stomach rumbles and hurts.  Fr. Matt asked us to help fund his school feeding program for this current academic year.  Jack has massaged his International budget to find the money to fund this program that will provide breakfast and lunch to pre-schools to teens.  
Jack will visit Belize again and welcomes anyone interested in coming along.   Only 2.5 hours away, it's a short trip to visit an area that needs our help.   
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