Speaker Date Topic
H A P P Y T U R K E Y D A Y WEST U FAMILY!!! Nov 23, 2017
Paul Posoli Nov 30, 2017
Cristo Rey Jesuit College
Trey Cox Dec 14, 2017
Trans Star and the importance of it if you live in Houston
Christopher L. Tritico Dec 21, 2017
Don't miss this meeting!!! You'll love his stories and interesting facts about criminal law.
Wayne Stanton Jan 04, 2018
Immunizations are important?
Judge Ken Wise Jan 11, 2018
Famous stories from a Judicial standpoint.
Mehdi Alavi Jan 18, 2018
Peace Worldwide.
Barry Brazil Jan 25, 2018
Cyber Security and why security is important
Dean Jon Singleton and Diana Garland Feb 01, 2018
Baylor University - School of Social Work
Stan Stanart Feb 08, 2018
What a county clerk does and why they are important.
Homero Feb 15, 2018
Most important job ever...Being a Firefighter.
Clarence Miller and Michelle Tran Feb 22, 2018
Muddy Baker Mar 01, 2018
Why we need those YUMMY cookies in the Spring Time.
Adele Segel Mar 08, 2018
Don't miss this if you are remodeling and needing fresh ideas.
Sondee Hatcher Mar 22, 2018
Search Homeless
Matt Ryan Mar 29, 2018
Being Courteous, Brave, Obedient, Mindful, Loyal, Friendly, Patient, Kind, Reverant, & Trustworthy
Dorothy Gibbons Weston Apr 05, 2018
Author for her new book - The Rose
Lisa Shumante Apr 12, 2018
What's new with Houston Public Media.
Marvin Pierre, Program Director Apr 19, 2018

A non profit organization which focuses on changing the lives of young people who have formerly been involved in the juvenile justice system by way of work and education.

Joel Levine Apr 26, 2018
Harris County CPS Department

Explain why Harris County has CPS and what they do.