About the Rotary Club of West U

"The very first meeting was in Beverly Denver's office.  I remember that Bob Fry, Ralph Atkinson, Roger Martin, Rick Spenser and myself were present-- I think either you or Ray were present."


The first meeting that we had was at the old Sunset Tea room.  Probably around late October or early November 1994.  


The medical center Rotary was ticked at us and would not give us any support.  They were also one of the main reasons we formed our club---they had made it known for years that they were not interested in any new members.


Bob Fitz of the Bellaire Club agreed to sponsor us and give us guidance


The Greenway Plaza Rotary had shut down about 6 months before because of lack of members.  That is why we decided to make it a neighorhood club. "

Charter Member, John Grubb

The West U Rotary Club was chartered by Rotary International on May 17, 1995 under RI President Bill Huntley.
There were 69 Charter Members, a historical number for a Rotary Club.

Beverly Denver was the Charter President and the motto was "The Fastest Growing Rotary Club in the World".

The March 28, 1995 record of Charter Members follows:

*Adams, George
#Atkinson, Ralph
Bell, Buddy
@Bennett, Tom
Blair, Janet
*Bullard, Randy
#Burgess. Donna
Byrom, Carla
Carter, Janet
*Collier, John, Rev.
Craft, Susan
Creed, Susan
Cubberly, Walt
Dagley, Larry
#Denver, Beverly
*Dougherty, Jim
Dube, Kayron
Dugan, Patrick
Eason, Mike
Freeman, Susan
*#Fry, Bob
*Geary, Bob
Graf, Charles
#Griffith, Steve
*#Grubb, John
#Hardy, Randy
Higley, Bob
Hughes, Craig
Hughes, Lynn
Ide, JoAnna
Johnson, Whitt
Kershner, Karen
#Kolimas, Monica Stallworth, Dr.
Lamberth, Chuck
Leibman, Warren
Lewis, Linda
#McCoy, Jackie
McFaddin, Gene
McGregor, Robin
McKinney, Susan
Martin, Ann
*Martin, Roger
Massey, Larry
#Meyer, Eunice
*Miller, Clarence
#Minor, Sterling
Parker, Ron
#Pugsley, Nancy
Redford, David
#Rice, Allen
*Schutter, Cecile
*Schutter, Ray
Semands, Bob
Sicola, John
Sparks, Ken
Spencer, Rick
Staley, Kay
Starich, Marie
Starich, Patrick
Tanner, Mike
Watson, Bill
Watts, Brian
Weems, Ray
#Weisman, Bonnie
Wiesenthal, Ron
Wolff, Pam
Young, Mike
Young, Paul, Dr.

* members as of April 2010
# Original Board of Directors
@ deceased - while a member