Red-to-blue badge checklist

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1.  Attend your orientation.   A member of the Membership Committee will arrange to sit down with you and orient you about the club and Rotary International.  


2.  Pay the pro-rated dues amount.  Dues are billed biannually in March and September.  Your dues will be prorated depending on the date of your formal acceptance into the club.


3.  Complete your profile information on the club web site.  To create and edit your profile, log in to  Click on "forgot password" to get your sign in.   Once open, you will be at the "admin" page.  The left and top box is for you and what is available to you.  Click the links and complete your details.  Here too, you can get a member directory.  


4.  Review the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club.  At your leisure, learn how the Club is organized and how it is supposed to operate.  

5.  Meet with your club mentor.   This is your personal advocate whose job it is to help you complete the Red Badge checklist and answer any questions you may have.

6.  Attend a meeting of the Club’s board of directors.  Observe how the club gets business done by sitting in on a board of directors meeting.  The board of directors meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 am at The Merrill House (the same place regular club meetings are held).  

7.  Serve as a greeter at thee club meetings.  Greeters should arrive by 7:00 am.  There is a “Greeter” for this role.  Warmly welcome all attendees, members and visitors alike.  Greeters also perform the roles of Pledge of Allegiance leader or Invocation speaker. You are expected to do at least one of each.


8. Give a vocational talk at a regular club meeting.  Tell the club about yourself, your vocation, your personal life in 5-8 minute talk.  This is how the club will get to know you so be comprehensive.


9. Complete interests and skills survey. Tells us what you like, what you’re good at, what your gifts are.  We use this information to plug you into committees that do what you enjoy.


10. Perform Secretary duty.  Help the secretary with check-in, which will help you put names to faces.  Members begin showing up around 7:00 am, so try to arrive by then. Consult Secretary for date.


11. Visit another Rotary club with another member. To really experience Rotary requires that you step outside the comfort of the local club and meet some other Rotarians in neighboring areas. Use the Rotary International Club Finder to see what clubs are meeting where and when.

12. Join a flag team.   West U Rotary's main fundraiser is our Holiday Flag Program.   We install over 1700 flags in yards in West U/Southside neighborhoods four times a year.  All members are expected to be part of a flag team.   You will be assigned a team.  If you are unable to do this task, you can seek an exemption.


13. Join a committee.   There is no shortage of ways to get involved in West U Rotary.   Committees focus on international projects, local service projects, public relations/marketing. administration, membership, and youth services.  Share with your mentor and Membership chairperson how you would like to get involved.


14. Attend a Rotary social.   Our club is very social.  Attend at least one fellowship event so that members can get to know you as regular meetings don't often allow for that.


 The best way to learn about Rotary is to ASK QUESTIONS!  We’re a friendly bunch, so ask anyone; they would be happy to help you.