Aug 13, 2020
Catherine Roberts
The Rutherford BH Yates Museum

Thirty five years after the end of slavery, Houston was home to a vibrant community of ex-slaves.

From store front businesses to professional offices, Houston had one of the most vital African American communities in the segregated South.

Settlements of stores and homes in the West Gray-West Dallas area became known as Freedmen Town, an area that now houses the Rutherford BH
Yates Museum in the historic home of the Jack Yates family.

Catherine Roberts for 25 years has poured her life and considerable skills in efforts to preserve historic homes and churches in Freedmen Town in the literal shadows of downtown Houston.

Catherine presents to Rotary Club of West U this Thursday, and gives insight on how Freedmen Town and the esteemed UNESCO awards will make Houston an international destination.

In the midst of our nation and the world’s engagement with issues of race, might Freedmen Town and Yates Museum be of interest to Rotarians visiting from around the world?