Nov 08, 2018
Richard Colt
Java Pura Coffee Roasters

Richard Colt – a 25-year veteran of the coffee business – founded Java Pura in 2008 with his old fraternity brother and friend Fielding Cocke. Colt marched into Houston’s coffee fray in 1993 when he started Texas Java Company – a catering business that he owned and operated while working fulltime in residential real estate. The trajectory of his career changed in 2007 when he happened upon a master roaster who had settled in Houston after spending two years working in the coffee industry in Ethiopia. A few months later Fielding threw his full support into the business. Along with Fielding’s enthusiasm came the company’s moniker. “I could never remember those three words in order,” he says of the Texas Java Company’s name. “I remember seeing the word ‘pura’ while on a trip through Indonesia and put the two together: Java Pura – the pure essence of coffee. We later learned that in Indonesian ‘pura’ translates roughly to ‘temple’ or ‘shrine.’ Seems appropriate.”

Java Pura is a Houston-based specialty coffee roaster founded in 2008. Java Pura sources the finest green coffee beans from around the world and roasts them locally to create the freshest coffee possible. Many Java Pura coffees are Fair Trade, organic and in some cases come directly to Java Pura from limited production farms for exclusive use. 

A major component of Java Pura’s mission is to educate the consumer, not only about fair trade and direct relations practices, but also the immense amount of work that goes into a fine cup of coffee – from sourcing to picking, exporting, delivering, roasting, packaging and delivery. Approximately 400 hours has gone into the coffee before it hits U.S. shores. By the time Java Pura is done, Houstonians will never take an after dinner cup of coffee for granted again.

Java Pura is located at 5250 Gulfton Street #4G. For more information please call 713-523-5282 or visit online at