Enriching Lives One Taco at a Time - The Sucess Story of Gringo's Tex-Mex
Jan 14, 2021
Russell Ybarra - President/CEO - Gringo's Tex-Mex
Enriching Lives One Taco at a Time - The Sucess Story of Gringo's Tex-Mex

Growing up in the restaurant industry through his father’s company, El Toro Mexican Restaurants, Russell started his career in the kitchen washing dishes and learning first-hand all facets of the restaurant industry. He caught the entrepreneurial spirit early and started El Matador Foods in 1986, a tortilla factory in Baytown, Texas. Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen came to life in 1993 when Russell had the opportunity to branch out on his own. Taking over a building in Pearland that had housed four failed restaurants, Russell applied his philosophy of serving the highest quality Tex-Mex at the lowest price possible to the new venture. The community responded and has allowed Russell, along with his team and two franchise partners, to expand the company to 20 locations, including four other concepts – Jimmy Changas, Bullritos®, The Lunch Box and Burger Libre.

Twenty-six years later, with annual revenues expected to exceed 110 million dollars in 2019, Russell’s passion for the well-being of his team members and community is paramount. Take care of what is important and the rest will fall into place. As President and CEO of Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen & Jimmy Changas restaurants, he considers himself extremely fortunate to serve tacos and enchiladas for a living. 

“I believe that in order for a business to realize its true purpose, their primary mission must go beyond focusing only on profits.”  ~ Russell Ybarra