Jun 13, 2019
Eric Edward Schell
Pride Photography

Eric Edward Schell is the Founder and Sole Photographer of the National LGBTQIA+ visibility campaign, Pride Portraits. The campaign has cultivated relationships with 4,000 participants across the country providing visibility, representation and humanization for the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies, most importantly always representing Houston where the campaign is headquartered. In addition to being the President of the Board with, Pride Portraits he sits on the Board of Directors for the Transgender Education Network of Texas. He previously sat on the board of Montrose Grace Place. His work as an activist and with Pride Portraits has included partnerships with the following entities and organizations. Facebook, Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Equality Texas, NASA, FBI, SXSW, Chevron, Legacy Clinic, The Montrose Center, University of Houston, Gender Infinity, The Mahogany Project, Tout Suite, Houston Chronicle, GLSEN, ObjectRocket, Rackspace, TechBloc, Pride Houston Inc, Pride Center - San Antonio, RuPaul's Drag Race, TransMilitary, Story Hole, PFLAG, Fringe Salon, Houston City Hall, Point 5cc, Austin Pride, AIDS Foundation Houston, Pride Superstar, #DearPride, Spectrum South, Victory Fund, Houston Police Department, ACLU of Texas, Rice University, HEB, Transgender Law Center, Planned Parenthood and many others.