Feb 27, 2020
Kris Asper and Suzette Brenner, HCC
Houston Community Center and Vocational Training

Kris Asper, Dean of Center of Excellence Architectural Design, and Suzette Brenner, Dean of Center of Excellence Consumer Arts and Science.

The Architectural Design & Construction Center of Excellence offers certificates, competency-based training, and associate degree programs to support the growing need for electricians, HVAC technicians, industrial automation, Solar Photovoltaic, Building automation, and General construction management.

The Consumer Arts & Sciences Center of Excellence provides technical design, fashion, food, culture, costume, beauty, interior, and kitchen design training through its eight award-winning arts and degree or certificate programs.

With over 11,000 restaurants and growing food establishments around the region, as well as hosting over 280 conventions annually, there is a large need for highly-trained culinary and hospitality workers in Houston.

The Centers provides training that follows relevant industry skills standards and credentialing and supports customized training and partnership with regional employer organizations engaged in workforce development.