From Victimhood to Creatorship
Jul 29, 2021
Faith Malton (In person)
From Victimhood to Creatorship

Adaptability and Resiliency Role Model
Faith Malton is a natural born engineer. She was born missing her right arm and thus, grew up problem-solving and adapting to her environment through innovation. More importantly, she engineered her mental aptitude and psyche to be rooted in a growth mindset. A student ambassador, she found herself inquisitive on how other cultures worked and how culture determines perception of disability. Her curiosity led her to places like Antarctica, India and Tanzania. Always traveling with a new group, most of the time alone, she learned more about herself, humanity and her place in the universe. Every single trip was an awakening and revealed to her how the built environment shapes the way in which humans experience the world. She believes design teams have a responsibility for their designs to be universally accessible, inspire the human spirit, and nurture connection to the natural world.
Her other passions include psychology, health and human optimization. She recently graduated Cum Laude from University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Energy and Sustainability. She now works at Walter P. Moore, an international civil engineering firm, doing site design. Malton chose Walter P. Moore for their core value of sustainability and philosophy, “driven by the challenge.” Malton also works to help others break through mental barriers and navigate the world with limb difference through her YouTube channel, One Arm Wonder. She is working towards entering the human optimization and mindset industry to help people transform from being victims of life to being creators of it.