Feb. 6, 2021
I hope everyone will welcome a new business in the 77005 area.  Diesel Barbershop has opened in the Kroger shopping center, on the northside facing Westpark.  They want to be a part of this community and offering this very Special Day, March 16, 2021, for Special Needs Children.  Please share with your neighbors and friends far and wide.
I met with Ranjit the week before last. He shared that they've done this once before with his Rotary club out in Cinco Ranch. Ranjit shared a story about a young man with autism who hadn't had a haircut all throughout COVID-19 and was not able to go to the barbershop when others were present.
Ranjit and his team closed the shop and welcome this young man and his mother 45 minutes before his haircut. He met with the stylist, got comfortable with his surroundings, and then (and only then) had his haircut. Ranjit said when the haircut was finished both mom and son were BEAMING!
Jon Kidwell