So what are our members doing in their Acts of Good?   Plenty.
1. Serena taught a meditation workshop
2. Cecile helped Willie get into a new, safe apartment
3. Leslie sewed badges on a granddaughter's Girl Scout sash
4. Terry LeFevre built a step to help Ray get in and out of bed
5. George visited cancer patients at Faith House
6. Phil loaded books on sorting day
7. Marilyn met a stranger in a restaurant eating alone on her birthday, also the day before surgery, then visited her after surgery, taking a treat.
8. Anonymous took a friend dinner following friend's surgery
9. Anonymous delivered bagels to Search Home for Homeless
10-20. Members met at IAH, hosted them, drove them around...the Russian VTT team
I am certain this is a mere fraction of the nice things we are doing.  Don't be shy.  Fill the cards in and let's wow them at RI with our goodness!