The Hot Bagel Shop continues to impact the community with the Bagel Patrol’s help. A long-time West U Rotary service project continues to serve people in need by helping both the Hot Bagel Shop and the Star of Hope. The fire to make an impact continues to blaze bright.
In this time of people worrying about “What should I do to help,” the Hot Bagel Shop continues to help others. The Hot Bagel Shop has the problem many food providers have, “What to do with the food at the end of the day?” For some 10 years or so the West U Rotary and the Hot Bagel Shop have partnered to solve that problem. Despite all of the problems and concerns, the Bagel Patrol continues to press on!
Most weekdays, a club member arrives right before closing to receive the day’s extra bagels. The excess can run as low as a few brown paper grocery sacks to almost twenty sacks. The club member then delivers the bagels to one of the two Star of Hope locations: the Men’s facility near Minute Maid Park, and the Family facility off Reed Road off 288 south of the 610 Loop. Yes, there are changes such as dealing with the changes at the restaurant and check-in changes at the Men’s facility. However, the Bagel Patrol and the Hot Bagel Shop will partner in this time of need.