The Bagel Patrol needs help. What is the "Bagel Patrol"?   Volunteers from our club go to the Hot Bagel Shop at 2009 Shepherd Drive (between San Felipe & Westheimer) at 1:50 pm Monday thru Friday and pick up all their unsold bagels and deliver them to either Star of Hope's Mens or Womens Center (your choice). If we did not go get these bagels, they would end up in the trash, and wouldn't that be a travesty?   We are just one such organization that gathers up and redistributes unsold food every day in this town, and we are the rare Rotary Club that can say we do service projects at least 5 days a week as a result of the Bagel Patrol program.   
You should have received an email from Bob Owen last week asking for volunteers and substitutes.  If you can spare about an hour every week, or every two weeks, consider being a regular volunteer.   If you can't commit to that degree of commitment, consider being on the substitute list, to step in when no one else is available.  The current needs are for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday volunteers and subs.

Thanks you for all you do for others.   You are a gift to the world!