Let’s get spooked this year as we join the retail stores in celebrating Halloween early on Wednesday, October 21 with a tour of Glenwood Cemetery and dinner at the Hangar.
Halloween is the oldest holiday that is still celebrated today, dating back to more than 2000 years ago. It has been considered for centuries as one of the most magical and creepiest nights of the year.  The Celts believed that the normal laws of space and time were held in abeyance during this time, allowing a special window where the spirit world could intermingle with the living. A night of power, when the veil that separates our world from the Otherworld is at its thinnest.
So, join your fellow Rotarians in this spooky adventure with Keith of the Historical Society.
He will pick up our group in a 14-person van at 5 p.m. sharp in the parking lot of Hughes Hangar 2811 Washington Ave, (which is right next door to the Glenwood Cemetery - where Howard Hughes and other famous Houstonians are buried). 
Cost per person is $12.33 per person.  Space is limited. Please give your check to the treasurer ASAP!!
If we have more than 14 people who want to go on the tour, we will go in shifts,  because of the size of the van. First one at 4:30, second one at 5:15. 
The tour will last approximately 45 minutes. He will return us to Hughes Hangar afterwards (where there is ample parking for all). 
Those in our club not attending the tour can meet us at the Hangar at 6 p.m. for Happy Hour and/or dinner. Wednesday is steak night at Hughes Hangar, and there should be live music that night too.