March 25, 2020
Do you need to feel that you are doing something to help others through all this?
Here are a couple of projects created by our for-ever resourceful members.  If you have great ideas, please pass them along to our club leadership and we will get the message out.  Thank you, Kimberly and Christine.
     If you know how to sew, please contact Rotarian Kimberly Phipps-Nichol via email at Rotarian Kimberly is having so much fun making masks for immunocompromised people and would love your help. If you want to help but don’t sew, please donate what you can via PayPal to so she can purchase the supplies. Remember these masks may be for doctors, nurses or even our loved ones who are getting treatment for various issues at the hospital.
This message is from our very own rockstar Rotarian, Ms. Christine MacMillan.
     I would like Rotarians to write letters to foster parents to give them some encouragement. 😊 Letter writing brightens my day and I always love getting a letter too! We would mail them to Houston Angels and they would redistribute them for the privacy of the foster family. 
     Please consider writing a generic, encouraging letter to Foster “Mom”, “Dad”, or even have your kids get involved too by drawing pictures or writing letters to the kiddos! Think about when you had young kids at home and what would have been nice to hear during a rough time. Houston Angels will collect the letters for us and distribute them to protect the privacy of these families. Please mail letters to :
Houston Angels
1507 Stone Trail Drive
Sugarland, TX  77479
     While isolation may feel like it’s keeping Rotary from connecting the world this is a small but meaningful way you can help from the comfort of your home. Houston Angels wrap communities around Foster Families in the Houston Area and now more than ever, foster families are in need of words of encouragement.  Thank you for your support of Houston Angels and the Foster Community in Houston!
The family that your donation is supporting would love to receive letters, pictures, and maybe a gift card if possible? This season is going to be very tough for them financially and emotionally, so we are doing our best to support them however we can and continue checking in. They will be needing things like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and dry food. Also, bottled water, because one of the toddlers in the home receives 24/7 medical care and they need this water to flush out her lines. They were having trouble finding it the other day.

Last week I sent from Amazon lots of fun activities to keep the kids occupied: games, arts, and crafts, learning activities, etc, using the money from your donation. And I actually just dropped off a whole bunch of groceries last Friday as well. Feel free to share this with your group, this is what the grandmother said: "Thank you so much for everything but especially the English muffins. They are my favorite. It, of course, will all be put to good use. We are making spaghetti tonight. And these kids, all of them, love the breakfast bars! Thanks so much!⁠ And, even more importantly, thank you for the long-distance hug! It was greatly needed! I received the note and have it posted on the fridge. I don't know what we would do without y'all!" This is all thanks to West U Rotary's donation and we really can't thank you enough for helping us support them!!

The first three kids are between the ages of 8 and 11 I believe. And the others are as follows:
Baylor (6)
Callie (4)
JJ (1yr)
Jessie (2 yrs)
Jasmine (2yrs)
Blaze (2 yrs)

Thanks so much, Christine! You're the best.

Melissa McGrath | President
Cell: 908.268.1683
PO Box 420966 | Houston, TX 77042