Posted on Apr 01, 2019
"Jak se mas" to be official club opening phrase during 2019-20 year
President Elect Stacy Mikulenka Brevard announced that all significant 2019-20 club events will be held at Prague Hall. Prague Hall is part of the Czech Center Museum Houston. The events will include the 2019-20 officer installation dinner, Czech Independence Day party, holiday party, and Texas Czech Heritage Day party (on whatever date the 87th Texas Legislature chooses as that date).
Ms. Brevard stated, "It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the events will be at Prague Hall. After all, what would you expect from me with my maiden name, parties at some Danish event center? I mean, really, is that where you think I would have something? I hope that no one thinks that I was disparaging anyone from Denmark. Having said that I am so glad we have a Danish Rotary Youth Exchange student this year. On my goodness, I think I have said too much. Být v rejži"