Veterans Day is November 11 and that means a flag launch.   Please contact your team NOW to arrange your launch for either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday as November 11th is on SUNDAY.  Customers who get a flag very late in the launch call and email us creating additional work for a team that is already doing much more than most people realize.  Forget an address?  The flag team covers you.  Last minute order?  The flag team brings them one.  So please launch on Wed, Thur, Friday in support of your club AND the flag team.   Thanks!
And a BIG thank you to all those who have been coming out to recent flag repairs.  The flags are ready to go!   
L-R: Prez Clyde Hays, Liz Wilder, Suzanne Diecks, Serena Sneeringer, Terry LeFebvre, AJ Karian, Bentley Sanford,
kneeling: Cecile Schutter, Flag CEO Essi Kwabi.   Not pictured:  Russ, Carol L