Posted on Apr 01, 2019
Hays will act after required waiting period under emergency powers provided by the Rotary Club of West U Bylaws
Faced with an attempted coup d’état, Club President Clyde Hays activated the “Coup d’état Provisions” clause spelled out in the Rotary Club of West U Bylaws. The bylaws (viewable under the club’s website) lays out the groundwork for the club President’s actions in the face of an attempted coup. As Article 15 states, “In the event of an attempted coup d’état, the Club President shall do nothing for a period of twenty-four hours.” After the requisite waiting period in the face of an attempted coup, the club President (1) reactivates the charter of the former Rotary Club of Upper Kirby, and (2) assumes the presidency of that club.
More details to follow . . .