Lots happens in the fall as school approaches.  Among those things are the arrivals of our inbound exchange students and the send-off of our outbounds.   This year we welcome Enea from Italy, who is currently hosted by the Lesters, and Eva from Taiwan, currently hosted by the Reillys.   Thanks to all who came out to IAH to welcome them, esp. Eva's group, as she arrived around midnight!  Eva is attending St. Agnes Academy and Enea is attending St. Thomas Episcopal School.  Please help make them feel welcome.
Eva, third from left.

Enea, right behind his name on poster
And going out, we have Trinity Reilly, who is heading off to Northern Italy on exchange.  We wish her the best and look forward to reports from her and Brennan about her experience.  RYE is a great leap of faith for these youth.   Kudos to them!
Trinity says her "Ciao" and gets banners for exchanging in Italy.