Apr 18, 2020
Houston needs our help! Please read this email fully.
As we all know, small businesses are the backbone of our economy and employ about 50% of workers in the US. Small businesses are hurting and we need to help in any way we can. In an effort to support small business owners, my friend Mark Enis, from the Houston Rotary Club, and I, from the West U Rotary Club, want to do something to help small business owners in Houston and surrounding areas during this unprecedented time.
We created the Facebook group "HOUSTON SMALL BUSINESSES, TRADE AND RESOURCES" to connect small business owners. Since everyone is tight on cash, but potentially rich in products or services, this platform will allow us all to post (and/or seek) products and/or services you are willing to trade or share. No 100%monetary transactions, please. No one person has the answers, but collectively we can brainstorm solutions. In times like this and in recessions, what has been shown to work is creativity.
We're not promising we can help everyone, we just know that during this time it's up to all of us to step up and help each other. If you are a small business owner, please click here "HOUSTON SMALL BUSINESSES, TRADE, AND RESOURCES" and join (you will be asked a couple screening questions), and please invite other small business owners you know that would benefit from the group. Or just call or email one of us. This effort is purely to give back and no one is being compensated for their time.
If you are not a business owner, and are in need or want to support other individuals in need in the community, please join my amazing friends Peta-gay and Heather's group of which I'm one of the moderators, it's called "COVID 19 RESPONSE HTX ASKS/NEEDS (No Judgement)".
We shall get through this together! Stay blessed.
Essi Kwabi
District Community Service Chair
281 750 2765
Mark Enis
662 386 1840