Congratulations to our own Wally Kronzer, District 5890 Rotary Foundation Committee Chair who led the Foundation seminar on Saturday. Our VTT friends in Uganda Skyped in as well as RI Foundation Chair-elect Paul Netzel in Evanston.  Global scholar Jennifer Gueler and Peace scholar Marc Mori let us know the value of our scholarships in advancing development and peace in the world.  Suzi Howe, RRFC, encouraged giving to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, and the Endowment and recognized top giving clubs.
Congratulations to WEST U ROTARY for being one of the top giving clubs in District 5890 to The Rotary Foundation!   We were #1 in Total Giving to The Rotary Foundation, #1 Top Giving to Polio, and #2 in Per Capita giving to the Annual Fund. Thank you one and all for your generosity to TRF and our own foundation. 
Also discussed was polio fundraising and easy ways to give via Rotary Direct.   If you aren't using this convenient tool, look into it. Just as you pay other bills online, add Rotary and "set it and forget it".