May 17, 2020
Dear Flag Subscriber,
 We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and will continue to be so.
 This message contains important information.  Please read it all the way through.
Memorial Day Flags:  May 21 through May 30 is our scheduled launch dates for Memorial Day. WE ARE LAUNCHING! 


Renewals:  We will be sending out renewal notices as usual and ask that you continue to support the flag fundraiser. Your dollars support critical programs such as Inner City Schools in Need, The Women’s Home, Second Servings, Sheltering Arms, Senior Services, CCCS, Emergency Aid Coalition, and many more. 
Hard choices will have to be made about future spending for most of us. Your flag dollars are dollars well-spent. Your waving flag shows our community is united, lifts our spirits, but most importantly, helps others by allowing service organizations to survive to serve more, and there indeed will be more...many, many more people needing their help. These organizations will be your hands and your feet and will be where people needing help will go.
Let's not turn our backs on them when they need our help the most.  Please renew when the time comes so together we positively impact people in crisis.  
Should you have questions or concerns, or a need we can help with, please contact us at or 713-664-5566.
Thank you for your support for the West U Rotary Club flag program. You are our valued partner in serving others.
Your Flag Team
Rotary Club of West U
P. O. Box 272727
Houston, Texas 77277-2727