The District Conference was well attended (and represented) by our club's members
Who was there, hanging around conference events? If you were there the entire time you would have seen the following club members/spouses: Greg/Cynthia Faldyn, Carol/Terry Lester, George Adams, Clyde/Katy Hays, John Neighbors, Wally/Kathy Kronzer, John Collier, Mike/Cindy Woods, Terry Ziegler, Dee/Will Ullrich, Ronnie/Tracy Hallenberger, Stacy/Alan Brevard, Terry LeFebvre, Barbara Veres, Larry/Pat Gray, Carmen Flores, Jack Wallace, Honey Leveen, Frank Parrilla, Rick/Tammy Spencer, Ken/Rebecca Walker, Janice Stookesberry/Jack Hardin, and even RYE student Maciej Aniukiewicz . . . wow, we were everywhere.
Can't wait till next year!