Happy New Year! 
Greg officially handed off the baton of President to me at the Installation last Tuesday.  It was a fun night with some surprises, including the awarding of Ray Schutter with the Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a touching scene, bringing tears to many.  Congratulations to the Rookie Rotarian of the Year, Serena Sneeringer, and Rotarians of the Year, the flag team of Richard Lazear, Carmen Flores, Kerry Bloom and Terry LeFevre.  They put in more hours than any other group in the club. They, and Ray before them, could rightfully be the Rotarians of the Year every year.  And thank you, Greg, and outgoing board members for your service to our club in 2015-16.  You did an outstanding job steering our club to new levels of service, giving, and member satisfaction.   
Speaking of flags, we are on holiday #3 of our flag calendar. The neighborhood looks festive. New online subscriptions are coming in at a steady pace since it is so easy to subscribe online now. Thank you, everyone, for supporting the flag program with your time and energy.  It is growing and will continue to grow even more in the future. That means more funds to help more people!  Woo! Woo!  
Monday was July 4th and the "World Famous West U Rotary Club Kazoo Marching Band" once again delighted residents with their patriotic songs.  Lots of people took photos of us. Thank you, Gene McFadden, for lining up the float for us, and Richard Lazear for decorating it and getting sponsors again this year, so that we can give a larger gift to the West U Challenger program.   Thanks, too, to Tim O'Connor & the Recreation Department of the City of West U for absorbing most of the tasks we Rotarians used to do, and to the Lazear boys, and Leslie Cauffman for manning the concession stand.  
Last week was a busy week for our Youth Exchange program.   Our outbounds, Rob Sanford and Elias Ormsby, came home and our inbound, Maciej, left us.   Hear about Rob and Elias's year abroad at this week's meeting.  We as a club should be proud of what we are making possible for young people through RYE.  We are changing lives and cultivating peace ambassadors that will be tomorrow's leaders.
Rotarians...Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your President.  Thank you, Beverly Denver, for starting West U Rotary so I could one day join it.  Thank you, Kathy Kokas, for inviting to join, and thank you ALL for making our club the incredibly high functioning, drama-free, world-changing organization that it is today.  Together, we will reach new heights of accomplishment and new heights of CRAZY!   I can't wait!