Rotarians help rebuild communities
Maciej presents his year in H-town
Installation dinner is scheduled for June 28th - please RSVP
West U Rotary Happenings for the week of June 12, 2016 ….
Rotary comes together in the times of need. That is one of the greatest attributes of Rotarians – the desire to help other communities. Rotarians around the world have helped our neighbors when the need is the greatest. Regardless of the situation – domestic or international, Rotarians come together to help our neighbors. Just a few weeks ago, our neighbors in over 15 counties were impacted by the high flood waters. Many residents were displaced from their homes for several days due to voluntary and mandatory evacuations in the impacted areas. Rotarians from District 5890 will assist our friends in Rosenberg on Saturday, June 25th from 8:30 AM – 2 PM. The Disaster Aid trailer that our club helped fund will also be onsite with much of the necessary tools to assist with the clean-up efforts. Volunteers are needed to assist with clean up and removal of debris. Two separate locations have been established as the check in points: 503 3rd St (Friends of North Rosenberg) and BF Terry High School – 5500 Avenue N. Be sure to tell the groups you are with Rotary. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering. I have also sent out an email to the club with registration information and information about making financial donations.
Did you attend last week? If you did you heard another entertaining presentation for one of our RYE students – Maciej Aniukiewicz. Maciej, our exchange student from Poland presented his year in Houston. His jacket was well decorated with lots of keepsakes, pins and banners. Maciej has had an amazing experience these past nine months. It all started with a group of about 20 welcoming Maciej to Houston at Bush Intercontinental Airport in August. He looked so much younger then! It has been another successful year for the RYE program. Thanks to our club members who do such a great job in making the RYE a success – John Thornton, Judith Snively, Frank Parrilla, Carol Lester, the host families and all the other members who make our students feel welcome.
We have a special request from the flag team. They are seeking egg cartons and old (preferably clean) socks. Why would the flag team be asking for egg cartons and old socks? Well … I think it has something to do with putting Humpty Dumpty back together again but I am not sure. If you come out to one of the next few flag repairs you will see why. Please bring your socks and / or egg cartons to the one of the next few meetings. 
This week is our last speaker of this Rotary year. Our speaker is David Robinson (no not that David Robinson) – City of Houston Councilman. David is an advocate for safe and livable neighborhoods. David is a leader in enhancing the quality of life of Houstonians and advancing the economic growth and prosperity of Houston. Please join us this week and learn about what is being done to keep Houston diverse and strong!
For June, we still have a few important events coming up:
  • June 17th – District Governor Elect Eric Liu’s Installation Banquet – Hilton of the Americas. We have several members and spouses attending.
  • June 23rdWest U Rotary annual Club Assembly – come learn what Carol has planned for our club next year.
  • June 28thWest U Rotary 2016 – 2017 Officer Installation – Maggianos. Come on out! Bring your spouse, significant other or family for this special evening.
  • June 30th – Annual club awards presentation
And don’t forget – our annual 4th of July Celebration will be happening on … well … the 4th of July. Come help decorate our float(on the 3rd), play a kazoo in the marching band or help with the picnic. Regardless, please come out and support our annual event that supports the Challenger League.
Something to ponder:
What do you throw away the outside and cook the inside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside? – Well, did anyone solve the food riddle? Corn on the cob
Please keep all the families of the victims of the recent terrorist act in Orlando in your thoughts and prayers. This is another reminder of how short and precious life is. This is certainly a difficult time for that community. May we all pause and reflect on this tragic situation.
Greg Faldyn
West U Rotary Prez