Dec. 31, 2020
Someone asked me that question once,
And I stood there feeling like a dunce!
What do our Rotarians do?
I hemmed and hawed a time or two,
Then said, "We gather for a meal
And ask each other how we feel,
Get our food and have some fun,
Chattering till the meal is done.
We get club business out of the way,
And have the program for the day.
Some are good...and some are great!
And...some run on 'till fairly late'.
But then my friend, he turned to go
"That wasn't," he said, "What I want to know."
I've thought a lot about this since...
What could I possibly say to convince
My friend that Rotary does more than meet
Greet...take a seat...then eat?
Well, this is how I would make amends
By explaining Rotary to my friends.
A  million children are healthy today
In lands both near and far away
Who otherwise might be lame...Or dead
From polio...that childhood dread!
And hungry children are being fed
Through better ways to grow their bread.
Rotarians in many lands are teaching,
And doctors of all kinds are reaching
Out to heal the sick and lame
With little thought for wealth or fame,
And men and women are meeting the need
To teach little children how to read.
Youth come here from every land
In answer to our outstretched hand
To learn to know us and know our ways
Bring peace and friendship to all our days
And clubs are formed in every nation
For fellowship and conversation,
For education and information,
And practicing the cultivation
Of peace on earth, and goodwill to all
And a speedy end to every wall
Which separates the folks of earth
And keeps us from seeing each other's worth.
A hundred things there are to say
About what Rotarians do each day.
In every land and every town
To lift someone when they are down
And help each other along the way.
"Service above Self" - what more can I say?
Well, if my friend should ask again,
I'll have an answer for him then!
Credit to Rotarian Thomas Brian, Ellsworth, Kansas -- Presented to the D5770 District Conference, 2005 by PRID Ron Burton