The Interviewing Skills Workshop will start at 7:45 AM. 
The Interviewing Skills Workshop for The Women's Home clients is back in action.   We will be gathering for the next workshop on Friday, April 1 at 7:45 AM at 607 Westheimer on the second floor (TWH offices and educational center).  We finish no later than 9:30.  We will "interview" up to 14 women, giving them much needed one on one practice before they begin their search for permanent employment.  No experience is necessary (if you've ever held a conversation with a stranger, you can do this!).  Those of us that have participated before know that the women find this to be a very worthwhile experience. Please join us!  If you are interested, please contact Carol Gradziel at .  The more volunteers we have ensures that the women will have two interviews during our time period.