West U Rotary Club and West U Rotary Foundation are two separate entities run by two separate boards. The West U Rotary Foundation is a 501C3 entity that manages the funds that are raised for and spent on our charitable projects.  Flags and the golf tournament revenue contribute to the foundation budget. Backpacks, meals, scholarships, Books for the World, Challenger baseball and everything else we do as service comes from those funds.  Holiday parties, office supplies, mailbox fees, dinners, awards, equipment, etc. are club expenses funded by your dues.   
This year the foundation board of trustees for 2016-2017 is:
President:  Carl Stutts
Secretary:  Greg Faldyn
Treasurer:  David LeFevre
   Carol Gradziel
   Phil Mabry
   Janice Stooksberry
Club President-elect:   George Adams
Thank you, outgoing Trustees Russ Schulze (Pres.), Craig Friou, Max Hickerson and Mark Wright, for your years of service to the foundation.
All West U Rotarians are members of the foundation and can apply to serve on the board.  The foundation trustees elect their board officers each year.   A term is three years with two members rotating off the board each year.  The board meets quarterly and as needed to conduct business.  If you would like to serve on the board next year, contact George Adams in the spring.