Community Service - Overgrown Vegetation

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Rotary Club of West
3834 Westhampton
Houston, TX  77045
United States of America
The very first community project our club did was to clean up the vegetation of a resident plus some minor house repairs.
I would like a team for a quick community project in cleaning the yard of a friend who does not have the tools or the ability to do this herself.  She lives in the Hiram Clark/Orem area which is SW Houston off Hwy 90, not far, about 20 minutes from my house.
Her yard has overgrown trees and some of it affects her roof.  Repairs are needed on a part of her fence too.  I suggest we pull a work party to clean up the vegetation.  It's not that big of a chore and perfect for anyone who likes light physical, outdoor work.  (Harvey muck team?)
If we have 8-10 people, it probably can be done in two hours.  6-8 people, maybe three hours.  Need someone with a chain saw to get some of the bigger branches and then the rest of us can break it down.  I'll bring my truck and a ladder.
More details can be worked out after I know more about who and how many are available.
Rain check on Dec 22 if needed.  This is your opportunity to do a service to someone in need as part of your Holiday Cheer!
Please reply or register.  Thank you very, very much.
Cecile Schutter