Community Service Committe Meeting

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Rotary Club of West
Picos Restaurant
Houston, TX
United States of America

Hi everyone:

Please join our first Community Service Committe meeting 2018-2019.

If you are, you were or want to support our Committee, please join us.

Red Badge members, please attend, so you can comply with your Blue Badge list yes

We need new ideas and SUPPORT.

If you are already part of a community program, please bring your new ideas and how we can support you.

Some of you have already shared your great ideas: i.e. Joe Rivers, David LaFevre, John Collier and Essi Kwabi.

HIRING: I also have some openings, with great salary, bonus, vacations, Holidays and overtime. smiley

1.- Community Service Co-Chair- This is an Executive position, in  which includes stocks and extra bonus. Back me up to run the show! Help with making announcements, posting programs in Clubrunner, presenting checks, etc.

2.- Clubrunner Story Writers and Photographers-  Write stories in clubrunner with photos of the programs, and volunteering events. (2 positions).

3.- West U Fellows- Willing to share their experiences and input of how we can enhance  Rotary Club of West U's position in the Community.

Important Note: members of the West U Rotary Foundation are welcome. We need your comments too!

If you are interested and cannot make it, please send me an email at or at 281-857-1315.



Margarita E. Hernandez

Community Service Committee Chair