Rotary Club of West
Cleveland, Texas
United States of America

Rotarians In Action By Sharing Our Skills at PEP

Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Empowering Innovation.  Releasing Potential.  Transforming Communities.

Our vision is to expand our community of accountability and encouragement until every inmate who is truly committed to change has the choice and the chance to reboot his life.  We strive to empower our men to move from being tax consumers to taxpayers; from gang leaders to servant leaders; and from felons to real fathers and even philanthropists.

We will build this robust community with an army of executive volunteers who share with us and our men a passion for education, mentoring and entrepreneurship.  Through their engagement, our volunteers will move from knowing the joy of success to experiencing great significance in their lives.

Location: events are located in Cleveland, Texas


Visit the website for more information about sharing your skills and other ways to support at https://www.pep.org/.

For more details, please contact our fellows, Suzanne and Bill Diecks, Carol Lester, Geoff Lanceley and Paul Ralph. They are happy to share their experiences as volunteers.