Rotary Club of West
The Women's Home
607 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX  77006
United States of America

On Friday, March 1, 2019 West U Rotary will host another interviewing skills workshop for residents at The Women's Home.  This session there will be several women that need to be "interviewed" beginning at 7:45AM at 607 Westheimer on the second floor.  They are completing a series of vocational classes and are ready for the mock interview experience.  If you are a new member, you may not know that West U Rotary has supported The Women's Home for many years through various vocational service projects.  Our interviewing skills workshops are the most popular!  The Women's Home is an organization that supports women with substance abuse or mental health issues or issues of homelessness with an 18 month program that addresses the "Whole Life" of the woman, including vocational counseling.  The goal is for each woman to have employment when she leaves the program. We "interview" up to 14 women each session, giving them much needed one on one practice before they begin their search for permanent employment.  No experience is necessary (if you've ever held a conversation with a stranger, you can do this!).  Those of us that have participated before know that the women find this to be a very worthwhile experience. Please join us!  If you are interested, please contact Carol Gradziel at swkeystone@aol.com.  The more volunteers we have ensures that the women will have two interviews during our time period.  If you've never participated before, it's easy and fun so join us!  We are always finished by 9:30AM!