Bagel Patrol


Fighting Hunger - Reducing Food Waste

Project days:
Monday through Friday


The Cause

The Hot Bagel Shop in West U continues to impact the community with the Bagel Patrol’s help. The Bagel Patrol has for a long-time -over 10 years - been a Club service project.                                                  

The Hot Bagel Shop as many food providers daily as leftover bagels that cannot be sold the next day. The excess can run as low as a few brown paper grocery sacks to almost twenty sacks.

Bagel Patrol Volunteers' Work

The Bagel Patrol is a group of Rotary Club of West U volunteers that daily, Monday through Friday, at 1:50 pm (right before closing) pick up all of the Hot Bagel Shop (2015 South Shepherd Drive Suite 900​) unsold bagels and deliver them to one of the two Star of Hope facilities for the homeless: the Men’s facility (1811 Ruiz Street, near Minute Maid Park), or the Family facility (on 2575 Reed Road, south of the 610 Loop). If volunteers did not go get these bagels, they would end up in the trash.

If you can spare about an hour every week, or every two weeks, consider being a regular volunteer. If you can't commit to that regularity, consider being on the substitute list, to step in when no one else is available. You don’t need to be a Club member to volunteer.