1995 - The Origin

The Rotary Club of West U (Houston) was founded in 1995 by West University resident and newspaper publisher Beverly Denver who had been a member of another club on the north side of Houston and observed that West University had no local club.
Beverley lobbied local business leaders to form a Rotary Club and they enthusiastically joined her for an initial meeting. From its first day the Rotary Club of West U (Houston) it was a vibrant club with 69 charter members from the West University community - an historical number for a Rotary Club.
The Rotary Club of West U (Houstonwas chartered by Rotary International on May 17th 1995 under Rotary International President Bill Huntley with the motto:
"The Fastest Growing Rotary Club in the World".    

The Club fundraisers

The Club began its Flag Subscription program for residents of West University in the year of its foundation and started launching flags on four national holidays, earning West University the title of Most Patriotic City in America.
The first participation the West University celebrations of the 4th of July also started began the first Rotary Year of the club (July 1995). This became the 3rd largest fundraiser for the Club.
In 1996 the Club started its annual Golf tournament which is the second largest fundraiser.
All fundraisers are totally manned by volunteers so 100% of the proceeds go towards covering costs and supporting the Club selected service projects.

The Club Today

The Club continues to be a thriving and dynamic service organization and the Club members are residents of West University and surrounding communities with a passion for service.
The Club holds weekly breakfast meetings each Thursday except the 4th Thursday of each month when the weekly meeting is an evening social. 
Each week there are multiple service opportunities supporting:
- the Club sponsored causes
- the City of West University 
- Books for the World
- and many others.
Come and attend of the Club's meetings or contact us for more information.

Rotary Years (July-June) History

Years 2020 onwards


- Operation Love 3rd Ward donation: $6,000.00 to provide school uniforms to children at Blackshear Elementary
- Operation Turkey in Houston to provide Thanksgiving meals to families in need
- Polio Plus contribution: $25,000.00
- Monthly support to Books for the World project organizing sorting and packaging activities

Years 2010-2020


- Trade School scholarships: $5,000.00
- Extreme Project Turkey donation: $5,700.00
- Gold Tournament beneficiary: Weekley YMCA.
- Rappel with Over the Edge to benefit The Women’s Home.


- Donation to Project Fulfillment: $5,790.00.
- Riser Against Hunger project organized by Club delivers 20,000 meals.


- 2nd participation in Project Fulfillment 


- Club members take part in Hurricane relief efforts in Houston
- Donation to Have Shears Will Travel: $4,000.00
- Backpack project at the Weekley Family YMCA hits record 300 backpacks.
- Planted trees at Willow Waterhole in collaboration with other Rotary Clubs in Houston area.
- 1st participation in Project Fulfilment with several NGOs and Rotary clubs providing Thanksgiving meals to 260 families in North Houston.


- Golf tournament benefits Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP).
- Homeless veterans care kit project at Sheltering Arms.
- 2nd Senior Breakfast served at West University Community Center.


- Club’s 20th anniversary.
- West U Rotary Club Foundation has donated $1 Million since its creation.
- 20th annual golf tournament beneficiary: Emergency Aid Coalition.
- Bagel Patrol service project gives West U Rotarians a service opportunity five times a week.
- West U Rotarians continue to conduct five weekly sessions about careers, salaries and school choices with students at Pershing Middle School Success at Work program.


- Golf tournament raises $24,000. Beneficiary: Weekley YMCA to build a pad with shade on the soccer fields.
- Rotary International President Gary Huang visits the Club.
- 1821 Flags launched for Presidents Day 2015.


- Golf tournament proceeds revert for a 2nd year to Positive Works.
- Rotarian Frank Parrilla receives Youth Services Award for contributions to RYLA.


- Club starts supporting a multi-year project to build an outdoor restroom and concession stand at Pro-Vision, Inc., a school for youth at risk in north Houston.
- Rotary International President visited Rotary Club of West.
- 17th edition of Golf tournament raises $28,000.00. Beneficiary: Positive Works, a start-up non-profit focused on preventing bullying.


- Purchased 700 backpacks and sets of school supplies for distribution by the Weekly Family YMCA to children in need. Project reported by a Houston Chronicle article.


- West U Rotarians participate in practice interviews at The Women's Home.
- West U Rotarians collect furniture and accessories to furnish and decorate several apartments in the new Jane Cizik Garden Place residential facility in Spring Branch for The Women's Home. Project press coverage by Memorial Examiner newspaper.       

Years 2000-2010


  • Club member Terry Ziegler receives The Rotary Foundation Service award for a Polio Free World.


  • Club members volunteer at The Women's Home for Practice interviews.
  • 4th of July barbecue proceeds: $3,200.00
  • West U Rotarians take part in Hurricane Ike response.
  • Several Club members travel to India to be a part of the National Immunization Day
  • Holiday fruit sales raise $8,000.00
  • Recognized at the West University Little League season-opening ceremonies.
  • West U Rotarians work with Pershing Middle School students on Success at Work
  • Golf tournament raises $19,043. Beneficiary: Health Empowering Humanity.
  • Flag Service program raises $70,000.


  • Rotary Club of West U Kazoo Band is a hit at the 4th of July Parade.


  • West U Rotarians volunteer at the Weekley YMCA for teaching English as a Second Language at the Oaks Apartments on Bissonnet
  • Plantation of trees along Will Clayton Parkway at IAH.
  • Golf Tournament raises $25,586.51. Beneficiary: charities designated by Caring Hands.


  • Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. 


  • 10th year anniversary.
  • Donation to Guerrero Mexico Project: $25,000.
  • A new clubhouse for West University Little League, the Rotary Field House, is built with Club donations: $125,000. Former First Lady Barbara Bush joins four of the Challenger League Players with the first pitch.
  • 2nd Club participation in SAW at Pershing Middle School.
  • Club exceeds the 3-year commitment to Polio Plus with total donations of $20,682.00.


  • Donation to Stella Link Orange Grove Park: $20,000.
  • Club places 400 flags at Pershing Middle School for its 75th anniversary.
  • 1st participation in Success At Work (SAW), at Pershing Middle School.
  • Habitat for Humanity House built.
  • Holiday fruit boxes fundraiser is the subject of a Houston Chronicle article.


  • 1st Christmas fruit boxes fundraiser raises $10,000.
  • 1st sponsorship of Interact Club at YES Preparatory School.


  • Funded the creation of a CD for the Children of Nicaragua choir.
  • After September 11 events the Club responds by lining Buffalo Speedway and University Boulevard at West U City with the Club’s flags and launching the Flag Service Program as it is today adding over 300 new subscribers.
  • Club membership reaches its goal of 113.
  • Total funds raised: $52,000.00.


  • 100 Smoke alarms donated to seniors.

Years 1995-2000

  • Rotary Club of West U surpasses $100,000.00 in community giving in 5 years.
  • Hunger Plus cans program raises $3,000.
  • The West U Rotary Club Foundation is created.
  • 6 Club members take part in the healthcare mission to Guerrero, Mexico where over 750 surgeries are performed in a 3-day period. Total District 5890 participation: 50 people.
  • 4th of July parade raises $1,100.00
  • 3rd Golf Tournament raises $6,500.00. Beneficiary: "Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos".
  • Donation to The Women's Home: $7,500.00. 


  • The 4th of July parade is held for the 3rd time and becomes the Club’s 3rd largest fund raiser event.
  • 2nd Golf Tournament raises $8,000.00. Beneficiary: West University Elementary School Foundation
  • Donation to the City of West U Police Department Bicycle Patrol: $6,000.00
  • GSE team of 12 Russian Chiropractic doctors, studying the American methods of chiropractic medicine.
  • 1st Annual Golf Tournament held at Sweetwater Country raises $10,000.00. This is the Club’s 2nd largest annual fundraiser event.
  • 1st Christmas Party and "Toys for Tots" held at the Briar Club.
  • Donation to the Stella Link Redevelopment Project: $20,000.00
  • Donation to Children's Assessment Center: $10,000.00
  • Best Visual Effects award by the Houston Marathon Organization for the Club’s flags placed along University Boulevard


  • 1st  year of Flag Service program, the Club’s primary fundraiser.
  • 1st  Fourth of July Parade
  • Wildlife Sanctuary Clean up at West U Elementary
  • 1st  Immunization Project
  • Garage Sale in Houston with the University Area Rotary Club raises $6,000.               
  • 1st  RYE student received
  • 1st  Group Study Exchange (GSE) team arrives from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The March 28, 1995 Charter Members:

*Adams, George
Anderson, Mark
#Atkinson, Ralph
Bell, Buddy
@Bennett, Tom
Blair, Janet
*Bullard, Randy
#Burgess. Donna
Byrom, Carla
Carter, Janet
*Collier, John, Rev.
Craft, Susan
Creed, Susan
Cubberly, Walt
Dagley, Larry
#Denver, Beverly
*Dougherty, Jim
Dube, Kayron
Dugan, Patrick
Eason, Mike
Freeman, Susan
*#Fry, Bob
Geary, Bob
Graf, Charles
#Griffith, Steve
#Grubb, John
#Hardy, Randy
Higley, Bob
Hughes, Craig
Hughes, Lynn
Ide, JoAnna
Johnson, Whitt
Kershner, Karen
#Kolimas, Monica Stallworth, 
Lamberth, Chuck
Leibman, Warren
Lewis, Linda
#McCoy, Jackie
*McFaddin, Gene
McGregor, Robin
McKinney, Susan
Martin, Ann
*Martin, Roger
Massey, Larry
#Meyer, Eunice
*Miller, Clarence
#Minor, Sterling
Parker, Ron
#Pugsley, Nancy
*Redford, David
#Rice, Allen
*Schutter, Cecile
Schutter, Ray
Semands, Bob
Sicola, John
Sparks, Ken
*Spencer, Rick
Staley, Kay
Starich, Marie
Starich, Patrick
Tanner, Mike
Watson, Bill
Watts, Brian
Weems, Ray
#Weisman, Bonnie
Wiesenthal, Ron
Wolff, Pam
Young, Mike
Young, Paul, Dr.
* Members as of August 2019 
# Original Board of Directors
@ Deceased while a member