About the Rotary Club of West U

History of The West U Rotary Club

Rotary Year 1995- 1996
Club President is Beverly Denver; District Governor is Andy Smallwood; the RI theme is "Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, and Work for Peace". The RI President is Herbert G. Brown.

Our exchange student is Bori Szelenki from Hungary.

Jul - The first Paul Harris Fellowship is awarded to Tom Bennett.

Club participates for first time in West U's Fourth of July Parade, complete with the largest float in the event. Afterwards, the club members sold barbecue sandwiches at Colonial Park. Float chair was Tom Bennett. Barbecue under guidance of Randy Bullard.

Aug - Community Project - Wildlife Sanctuary Cleaned up at West U Elementary.

The first of the Youth Exchange students. Bori Szelenki arrives from Hungary. The first home hosts are Bob and JoAnn Fry. She later stays with Linda and Phil Lewis.

Oct - The second senior project was a refurbishing and cleaning of Mr. John Cardone's house at 3006 Tangley. Headed by Charles Graf. Mr. Cardone is 83.

Nov -  Our first "Inner City Immunization Project" also known as "Polio Plus". 61 Immunizations were given. Who was dressed up as a turkey? Jackie McCoy. This was chaired by Monica Stallworth-Kolimas.

Northshore RC holds a Foodfest at the Northshore Rotary Pavilion Wallisville Road.

Jan - The first Vocational Service Awards: Annette de Tranaltes (individual), J.M.H. Supermarket (business) and Beverly Denver (Rotarian)

Mar - The Largest Garage Sale in Houston!!! Together with the University Area Club, we raised over $6,000. This was headed by Peggy Apple.

May - First GSE team arrives from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Chairing this project was Sterling Minor. Hosts include Ray and Cecile Schutter, Beverly Denver, Patrick and Marie Starich, and Stacey Speier.

June - The Paul Harris Fellow went to Marie Starich, who served as editor of the club's newsletter, single handedly  managed the club's flay display date base, and hosted one of the club's GSE visitors from Argentina.

It has been a long 18 months for Beverly Denver as president, and the end of the year party was held at Snuffers Restaurant on Kirby. Awards presented by outgoing president Beverly include Cecile Schutter, Presidents Award, Nancy Wagner is awarded "Be a Friend" Charles Graf, for Service above Self Award, and Peggy Apple, for Rookie of the Year.

Rotary Year 1996 - 1997
Club President is Rick Spencer; District Governor is Ed Martin; The RI Theme is "Build the Future with Action and Vision"; The RI President is Luis Vicente Giay.

Oct - Rotary is "On Line". Rotary International was on the "www" Jan, 1996, District 5890 now has their own and West U Rotary is starting to think about it.

Oct - Halloween Bowling complete with costumes.

Nov - Our 2nd involvement in Polio Plus. Who was "Pooh Bear"? Jackie McCoy

The Vocational Service Award is given to Fran Barrack.

Dec - The start of a wonderful tradition. The club Christmas Party and "Toys for Tots" held at the Briar Club.

Move to Luby's

Jan - Contribution to the Stella Link Redevelopment Project $20,000.00

Super Bowl II at Donna Burgess's.

Feb - Ken Bentsen is given an Honorary Membership .

The club is given an award from the Houston Marathon Organization for the Best Visual Effects for our flags along University Blvd.

Mar - The First Annual Spring Golf Tournament, Sweetwater Country Club. Funds raised $10,000.00, headed by Chuck Lamberth.

May - Children's Assessment Center $10,000.00

Jun - Rick Spencer is awarded the Paul Harris Fellow; Robert Phifer - Rotarian of the Year; Judy Faulkner - Rookie of the Year and Bill Watson for Rotary Vocational Award.

Rotary Year 1997 - 1998
Club President is Bob Fry; District Governor is Steve Harris; the RI Theme is "Show Rotary Cares"; the RI President is Glenn Kinross.

Our Exchange student is Ivanna Colan from Argentina.
Jul - The 3rd Annual 4th of July Barbecue, thanks to the continuing support of Randy Bullard. This has become our 3rd fund raiser.

Aug - "A tree grows in West U" The club donates $150.00 to the Parks Dept. of West U to plant a tree.

Oct - Donation to the "Balvishwa Toy Library" in India $250.00.

Nov - We're in the "Internet'. Robert Phifer completes the web page

Don't forget www.rotary5890.org and rotary.org.

Dec - The West University Elementary School Foundation is funded with 50% of the earnings of the next golf tournament. $4,000.00.

Jan - "At-Risk Adolescents" is launched by Steve Griffith. $500.00.

$1000.00 to the Children's Assessment Center for purchase of shoes.

"Senior 911" project is launched.

Apr - Second Annual Golf Tournament raising about $8,000.00. Chairing is taken over by Bob Geary and Geoff Lanceley.

Approval for $100.00 donation to the District Food Transfer Program to support an Indian tribe from Guerrero, Mexico.

President Bob Fry is presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award by District Governor Steve Harris at the Orlando District Conference.

May - $6000.00 donation to the City of West U, Police Dept, Bicycle Patrol.

Nick Aschliman is credited with the all time WORST program in the history of this club, and has yet to be beaten. Who remembers what it was?

Jun - Habitat for Humanity. AJ Karian did a terrific job organizing West U Rotary's involvement in the Habitat project. This was the hottest week of the year, too. Our commitment to the District was for $16,000.00 but we only had to give about $5,600.00 as the District was able to raise enough funds.

The Russians are here!! Thanks to all the work by Sue Hamblen, we are hosting 12 Russian Chiropractic doctors, studying the American methods of chiropractic medicine.

Paul Harris Fellow awarded to Bob Fry and Gene McFaddin is awarded the Rotarian of the Year award.

Beverly Denver was named District Rotarian of the Year in 1998 (in Orlando by DG Steve Harris).

Rotary Year 1998 - 1999
Club President is Ralph Atkinson; District Governor is Bob Franklin; the RI Theme is "Follow Your Rotary Dream"; The RI is James L Lacy.

Jul - Randy Bullard fires up the BBQ for the 4th of July and raises $1100 for Tyre Dickson. (Tyre visits the club in Nov 99)

3rd year participation in Polio Plus headed by Linda Lewis and Karin Holman.

Who's the BIG FRIENDLY BEAR? Maybe Jackie?

Jul - Steve Griffith receives the Club Vocational Service Award, but we also lose him to San Marcos. His "roast" and award are given in December.

Sep - Randalls Good Neighbor program #7129. Have you registered your Randalls card with #7129? All money you spend at Randalls earns a % rebate to your club..

Aug - West U Rotary gets a PHONE NUMBER 713-664-5566

Sept - Janet Wilson celebrates 20 years in West U at the Deli and all proceeds are donated to the club.

Our dear member, Robert Phifer, surprises us all that he needs open heart surgery. He successfully undergoes triple by-pass.

Jan - Linda Lewis comes up with "ARF".

The West U Police now have a Bicycle Patrol, thanks to the efforts of Robert Phifer and a donation from this club in the amount of $5,925.00.

Feb - Robert Phifer completes the web site.

Apr - The 3rd annual Golf Tournament is held and the proceeds are donated to "Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos" about $6,500.00.

Our main benefactor for this year is the Women's Home. They will receive over $7,500.00.

Jul - Ralph Aitkinson is presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship and the Rotarian of the year is awarded to Robert Phifer.

Rotary Year 1999 -2000
Club President is Nick Aschliman; District Governor is John Painter; The RI Theme is "Act with Consistency, Credibility, and Continuity". The RI President is Carlo Ravizza.

Our exchange student is Maude Basseul from Belgium

Jul - The board meetings will now happen on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 7:30 - 9:00am.

Lane Chairs begin to give presentations at the weekly meetings to keep members informed.

Amila Karic, a youth exchange student with another club, from Bosnia, still remains in the USA as her parents want to keep her safe from the ravages of war in Bosnia. Rotary is asked for financial and emotional support. If Amila were to return to Bosnia at this time, she would not be able to finish her education or get any kind of job. West U donated to help.

Ralph Atkinson launches the Hunger Plus cans that is adopted by West U Elementary, other RI Clubs and local businesses; a new, major source of funding for feeding the hungry.

Major thrust to benefit the Children of Nicaragua Beverly Denver goes herself for a first-hand look. Later in the year, nearly 2 truckloads of toys and clothing are packed and shipped with exceptional contribution made by Pershing M.S.

Aug - John Stark creates a "West U Rotary" song.

West U Rotarians attend their first "Children of the Dump", Nicaragua support, with 10 tickets to the Rice Hotel Gala Ball.

The club implements the "moment of silence" to recognize the diversity of religion and beliefs in the club.

Sep - Ralph's Hunger Plus programs has collected over $3000.

The West U Rotary Foundation is formed. Bill Snipes donated his time for the legal work. A deposit of $500 is made to start the new account.

12-year old Mario McAllister arrives from Guinea for major surgery.

Oct - Active participation (6 members) in healthcare mission to Guerrero, Mexico. Over 750 surgeries performed in a 3-day period. Total District participation of about 50 Rotarians and non.

Nov - $2000.00 donated to West U's Police efforts "Think Safety First".

This club surpasses $100,000.00 in community giving in just a short 5 years!!!

Dec - Toys collected from this years Christmas Party goes to the teens through the Star of Hope. 73 members and 40 guests were at the party.

Mario's surgeries are complete and he returns to Guyana.

Jan - Our first year to put up the flags for the Houston Marathon.

Apr - At District conference, the rotary International Award for Public Relations is presented to The West U Club for Beverly Denver's coverage of The Children of the Dump.

District Governor's Award goes to Ralph Atkinson for developing and implementing the Hunger Plus Coin program.

Certificate of Quality for balanced club activity and involvement of many club members is awarded.

Governor's recognition for pacesetting purchase of homes in Nicaragua through Rotary International's matching fund program.

May - Rotary Recognition Day at JMH and Hunger Plus Cook Off. Ray Schutter wins for best recipe, Dolores is second, and Ralph was the worst. (Although this was a set up, we told him to make it only with water.)

RI Council on Legislation - eliminates the "Senior Active and Past Service" classifications on membership. We are all now "Active" or "Honorary".

The Cow Parade comes to Houston.

Rotary Year 2000-2001
Club President is Bob Geary; District governor is Charlie Clemmons; The RI Theme is "Create Awareness, Take Action"; The RI President is Frank Devlyn

Our Exchange Student is Neals Lennett from Denmark.

Jul - The "Suggestion Box", made by Charles Katz. By the end of the year it was presented back to Bob Geary with a suggestion of what to do with it.

100 smoke alarms for seniors.

Start of "Rotary Thought of the Day".

"Gallagher" - remember this? If not, just try letting your cell phone ring at a meeting. (Demonstrated by Mike Woods and Jim Booth)

Sep - Speaker: Greater Houston Search Dogs - Gene McFaddin can't hide under any table and not be found by this adorable dog.

Oct - Ray Schutter develops the first club directory.  Today we can download it from the "internet".

Nov - Speaker is Lois Gibson, HPD Forensic Artist - what a character!

Jan - Superbowl at Charles Katz house

Mar - Computer Training Courses start at San Jacinto College. This will become what we know today as the Robert Phifer Memorial Scholarship.

GSE team is from England.

Rotary Year 2001-2002
Club President is Cecile Schutter; District Governor is Dennis Adams; RI Theme is "Mankind is Our Business"; RI President is Richard D King.

Exchange Student is Alinse Camargo from Brazil

Jun - Tropical Storm Alison devastates Houston

Start of donating a book for a literacy program rather than purchasing speaker gifts. This is widely accepted continued for years.  We no longer give speaker gifts because of budget limitations.

First time applications for matching funds from the District and RI. Cost to club $240.00, end result for book program is $960.00.

Jul - Annual budgeting for Club Foundation is created.

Our flags are in danger of mold so must be decontaminated and moved to the storage facility they are in today.

The Astrodome Club is displaced by TS Alison and we double up on our meetings. WURC learns the Pledge to the Texas Flag.

John Stark falls in love with a former GSE member from Argentina.

Aug - Adding of the Funding Committee between the BOD and the WUR Foundation. This becomes very burdensome and dismantled the following year.

Sep - The club gets involved with the District Food Fest at Northshore Pavilion. Turkey burgers are "renamed" Buffalo Breast Burgers and sounds more exotic.

The WURC Foundation trustees struggles with their role and we create the Guidelines for Giving.

It has been standard practice to honor the outgoing president with a PHF, but now a recognition is expanded to include a president's choice for an outstanding member. Robert Phifer becomes the first.

Club budgets for the creation of a CD for the Children of Nicaragua. It takes over a year, but finally is produced. This becomes a very fruitful fundraiser for the choir and today they are in their 3rd edition. The children sing at the club.

Meet Viadimir Sorokin - A Bulgarian Rotarian traveling the world with his bicycle.

Sep 11 A National Tragedy. The club responds by lining Buffalo Speedway and University Blvd with the flags. By the end of the week we launch the full flag program and add over 300 new subscribers.

Oct - International Convention in San Antonio and District 5890 gets center stage with the "Farm in a Box" for Nicaragua.

Dec - The 2nd time the club has to put a member on hold because of the classification rule - attorney Todd Lonergan.

The 2nd Matching Grant the club has dome, nets $3000 from RI for computer training at HCC.

Jan - First time submission for an Ambassadorial Scholarship. - Daniel Rodriguez. Unfortunately he doesn't get it.

Apr - Cecile goes to Guerrero, Mexico.

GSE team from India.

May - Membership reaches its goal of 113 and we still have a couple of months to go for this year.

Jun - The club invests in 16 families in Nicaragua for 10 hens, 1 lucky rooster, plus seeds and farm tools.

Jul - Jun - Net funds raised for this year is $52,000.00.

Rotary Year 2002-2003
Club President is Gene McFaddin; District Governor is Jon Eiche; RI Theme is "Sow the Seeds of Love"; RI President is Bhichai Rattakul

Exchange Student is Angelique Pourreyron from Clairmont Ferrand, France

Aug - PDG Bob Frankin loses his battle with Cancer.

Some of the club members begin donations of platelets for a 20-year Rotarian, George Smerlis.

Sep - Terry Zielger and John Anderson, former members of the Astrodome Club bring our newest fundraiser - Christmas fruit boxes. We raise about $10,000. This year.

Sep - The Luby's Cafeteria manager sleeps in and our meeting is held impromptu outside but under cover. We finally get in and enjoy a late breakfast. On the house by Luby's too!

Terry Ziegler finally becomes a member. That makes four from the Astrodome Club.

D'Lisa Simmons is named Governor Nominee, the first female Governor for District 5890. 2004-2005 year.

Oct - We "allow" some politics and invite Chris Bell (D) and Tome Reiser (R) to debate.

Nov - PDG Bob Fitts passed away. Bob was a strong mentor for this club when getting started.

Dec - The second year for fruit sales and we sold 1215 boxes.

Dec - Rotarian Bill Bevill passes away Dec 24th.

Jan - Remember the story of Sharon Williams almost getting her car reposed and she was just trying to deliver fruit?

Al Heilman wins a car, a Mercedes, in a raffle!

Feb - Robert Phifer secures another $3000 RI Matching Grant on behalf of Vocational Services that will benefit the Women's Home.

Mar - Dr. Kerry Bloom personally donates a computer to the Women's Home.

Linda Lewis is honored by the Houston Club as "Non-Profit Volunteer of the Year".

May - GSE team from Russia.

District Conference is held in Corpus Christi. The Eiches did a terrific job putting it together and there were lots of interesting activities as well as the plenary sessions.

May - From the DC, we sponsor our first Interact Club with YES Prepatory School.

Jun - West U Rotary is names the "Best Large Club in the District" because of eight consistent years of extreme activities in all four lanes of service. Gene McFaddin is completely overwhelmed!

Rotary Year 2003-2004
Club President is Gene deLaveaga; The District Governor is George Yeiter; the RI Theme is "Lend a Hand"; and the RI President is Jonathan B. Majiyagbe

Our exchange student is Jose Segura from Venezuela

Jul - The Kazoo Band is the hit of the 4th of July Parade.

Ideas begin for the 2005 Rotary Centennial Project.

Aug - Immunization Day at Southmayd Elementary School in SE Houston.

Gene brings in a Family of Rotary Day.

Sep  District 5890 brings everyone together of "Always...Patsy Cline" at Stage Repertory

The second worldwide appearance of the Geary Kazoo Band.

$20,000 to Stella Link as part of the Orange Grove Park.

The club was uses about 400 flags for Pershing Middle School's 75th anniversary to impress dignitaries such as Maaaaarvin Zindler.

Oct - Interact successfully up and running at YES College Preparatory School.

Finally....labels for our flags with ID and contact information.

Nov - An anonymous club member makes a $10,000 donation to RI Foundation for Polio Plus campaign. Because of generous Rotarians such as this, District 5890 exceeds their goal by 192% by 2005!

At the All Club Meeting our club participated in a food sculpture of the Texas Flag.

Rotary Zone institute meeting is held in District 5890. Abraham Benzakour, a former youth exchange student, carries the flag of Nigeria, in honor of Past RI President Jonathan B. Majiyagbe who was the speaker.

WURC participates for the first time on SAW, Success At Work, at Pershing Middle School.

Jan - Sadly, Robert Phifer passed away and he is greatly missed. The Computer Job Skills Program is renamed The Robert Phifer Memorial Scholarship.

Feb - Another Habitat for Humanity House is proudly built by West U Rotarians.

Mar - Fellowship Exchange with a group from Rosas, Spain.

District conference is held on the Carnival Cruise ship, "The Celebration", 4-nights to Cozumel, Mexico.

Rotary Year 2004-2005
Club President is Terry Ziegler; the District Governor is D'Lisa Simmons; the RI Theme is "Celebrate Rotary"; the RI President is Glenn E. Estess, Sr.

Exchange student is Maximo Mac Perez, from Cozumel, Mexico.

Jul - Terry Ziegler, fast tracked to the head of the club replacing John Starkweather, who had to resign because of business time conflict. A small piece of trivia is that John Starkweather was the replacement for Bob Ittner, who declined the presidency for personal reasons, although he remains a member.

Carol Gradziel does the Iron Man Triathlon.

Matching Grant applied for Guerrero Mexico Project, a truck. It will still take many months to complete the transaction, but by December 2004, the truck is picked up and taken to Mexico. Total project is about $25,000.

Aug - Our Rotary Centennial Project is finally decided. A new clubhouse for WULL and it will be called the Rotary Field House. Dedication takes place in March 05. The cost is $125,000.

Sep - West U Rotary Happenings - the weekly bulletin that was carefully prepared and maintained for nine years, breaks down, so president Ziegler takes over with the electronic West U Happenings. It's not the same but will keep members informed until a new bulletin editor steps in.

Oct - Books for Africa - WURC loads a container for shipment to Africa.

GSE team from Chile.

The second participation with SAW at Pershing MS.

Dec - Sign up with Randall's Good Neighbor program through your remarkable card by using organization #7129 and a percentage of all your groceries purchased is given back to the club.

Tsunami hits the countries of the Indian Ocean Rim. Killing hundreds of thousands. Rotarians respond.

Jan - new member Marty Goldman steps up and takes over producing the weekly bulletin. Thanks Marty!

Feb - Charter member Whitt Johnson passes away at age 94.

Mar - Dedication of the Rotary Field House and opening ceremonies of WULL. Former First Lady Barbara Bush joins four of our Challenger league Players with the first pitch.

Mar - WURC meets and exceeds it's 3-year commitment to Polio Plus with total donations of $20,682.00

Apr - West U Club celebrates 10 years with a BIG BASH OF FUN in Southside Park.

Rotary Year 2005-06
Club President is Mike Woods, the District Governor is Charlie Thorp; the RI theme is " "; and the RI President is Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar

The International Convention is held in Copenhagen Demark, and Malmo, Sweden.
September - Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans - and Houston steps in with enormous generosity.

Rotary Year 2006-07

Club President is Margit Winstrom, the District Governor is Suzi Howe; the RI theme is ;Lead The Way'; and the RI President is William B. "Bill" Boyd.
Our Youth Exchange Student is Pat Noppakhun from Thailand

Jun - club is recognized as Best Large Club in the district.
Jeff Fagan is our AG.
Aug - Immunization Fair at Crespo Elementary School.
Sep - Bayou City Concert Musicals present Fiorello and Posey throws together a great Italian theme night at Fred's Italian Corner.  Good job Posey!
Oct - West U Rotarians join the Weekley YMCA with ESL classes at the Oaks Apartments on Bissonnet.
Oct - Canoeing with the Governor on Buffalo Bayou
Jan - Gardening with the Governor turns into a big soggy mess, but they do it anyway.  Planting trees along Will Clayton Parkway at IAH. 50,000 trees apparently!
Jan - Sharon Williams gets radio time on KUHF-FM from January 16 - 28, everyday.  Congratulations Sharon!
Feb - Super Bowl hosted by Rick and Michel Shanks
Apr - District Conference in Puerto Vallarta
Jun - International Convention in Salt Lake City

Rotary Year 2007-08

Club President is Rick Shanks, the District Governor is Jeff Tallas; the RI Theme is "Rotary Shares"; the RI President is Wilfrid J. Wilkinson.

Jun - the club is recognized as Best Large Club in the district.

Rotary Year 2008-09

Rotary Year 2008-09
Club President is Dee Ullrich, the District Governor is Rhonda Kennedy, the RI Theme is "Make Dreams Real", and the RI President is Dong Kurn(DK) Lee.
July – Practice interviews are held for the ladies at The Women's Home.  The 4th of July barbecue nets approximately $3,200, our best ever.
Aug – Fabulous Foursomes continue – groups of four Rotarians gathering informally for social time about once a quarter.
Sept – West U Rotarians are honored for their response and assistance after Hurricane Ike.
Oct - Members including Rick and Michel Shanks, Ray and Cecile Schutter, Greg and Cynthia Faldyn, Kathy Kokas, Carol Gradziel, Lisa Bunse go to National Immunization Day in India.  Paul Harris Society dinner organized by Rick Shanks recognizes the significant donors to The Rotary Foundation.
Nov – Attendance exceeds 70%.
Dec – Holiday fruit sales net $8,000.
Jan – As a mid-year activity, Prez Dee initiates Saturday morning “chats” at Skeeter's.  Those are well received and continue monthly through the rest of the Rotary year.
Mar – WURC is recognized at the West U Little League season-opening ceremonies.  West U Rotarians work with Pershing Middle School students on Success At Work, a three-week program. 
Apr – With partner Health Empowering Humanity we net $19,043 on the annual golf tournament.
May – We host a Group Study Exchange team from Egypt.  West U Rotary is featured in a Village News story about the West U Little League Challenger Division.  When Deepa Willingham speaks, she draws 110 attendees including 36 visitors representing 11 clubs.
June – The flag program grosses about $70,000 for the year.

Rotary Year 2009-10

Club President is Ronnie Hallenberger, the District Governor is Ed Charlesworth; the RI Theme is "The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands"; and the RI President is John Kenny.

Sept - Youth Exchange student is Juliette Pezaire from France.

Rotary Year 2010-2011

Club President is John Collier, District Governor is  Rhonda Walls Kerby, Rotary International President is Kalyan Banerjee.  The RI Theme is Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.
Sept – Seven West U Rotarians participate in practice interviews at The Women's Home.
Feb – Xavier Academy completes paperwork to form an Interact Club with WURC as its sponsor.
Mar - West U Rotarians collect furniture and accessories to furnish and decorate several apartments in the new Jane Cizik Garden Place residential facility in Spring Branch for The Women's Home.  This project and the WURC contributions are highlighted in an article in the Memorial Examiner newspaper.

Rotary Year 2010-2011

Club President is Don Raskin

Rotary Year 2012-2013

Club President is Kathy Kokas, District Governor is Chris Schneider; the them is "Peace Through Service"; RI President is Gary Huang.


Our Youth Exchange Student is Felipe Daris Ribeiro from Brazil.


The Club is named Best Large Club of the District, and Best Per Capita Giving Club at the District Conference at Lost Pines Hyatt in Bastrop.


The club identifies the building of an outdoor restroom and concession stand at Pro-Vision, Inc., a school for youth at risk in north Houston, as the big project using reserves.  Cecile Schutter and John Collier and others liased with leaders at Pro-Vision to begin this multi-year project.

The RI President visited our club and was presented with a large check contribution to the Rotary Foundation.


Our youth exchange student was Felipe Ribiero from Mata Grosso in Brazil and was hosted by Kathy Kokas and Tom King, Carol & Terry Lester, Wally & Kathy Kronzer, and Sarah & Michael Raleigh.


The golf tournament was run by Bob Geary and Geoff Lanceley for their 17th year,and netted $28,000.00 and was split between our club and Positive Works, a start-up non-profit whose focus is bullying.  


Rotary Year 2013-14

Club President is Wally Kronzer, the District Governor is Bob Gebhard; the Rotary International Theme is “Engage Rotary, Change Lives'; and the RI President is Ron Burton.


The club is named District 5890 Foundation Club of the Year. The club is #1 in total giving to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund and in total giving to the Rotary Foundation Polio Plus Fund.


Our Youth Exchange Student is Frederico Stefanoni from Italy.


Rotary Year 2014-2015

The club President was John Neighbors.   The District Governor was Lisa Faith Massey, and the Rotary International President was Gary C.K. Huang. The RI Theme was Light Up Rotary.
Our incoming Youth Exchange students were Annaelle Boudry from Belgium, who attended St. Agnes Academy, and Patrick ___ from Taiwan.
Our outbound students were two young women from St. Agnes Academy, Kate Barkley, and Nina De Ayala.   Kate went to Belgium, and Nina went to Argentina.

The golf tournament beneficiary was The Weekley YMCA and the proceeds of $24,000 were shared with the Y and the West U Rotary Foundation.  Proceeds went toward building a pad with shade on the soccer fields at the Y for spectators at games.
Jan – RI President Gary Huang visited West U Rotary during his Houston visit.

Rotary Year 2015-2016

Club President was Greg Faldyn, District Governor was ______; The theme was "Be a Gift to the World"; and RI President was R.V."Ravi" _____.  


Our Youth Exchange Students are Ayuri Tsukui from Japan and Alejo Pieroni from Argentina. 


The 20th annual golf tournament was a tournament, once again run by Bob Geary and Geoff Lanceley for their 19th consecutive time, benefited Emergency Aid Coalition, who assist the working poor with clothing and food and financial assistance.    The proceeds of $20,000 after expenses went 100% to the EAC.


Rotary Year 2016-2017

Club President is Carol Lester, the District Governor is Eric Liu; the annual theme is "Rotary Serving Humanity"; RI President is John Germ.


Our Youth Exchange Students are Laura Knigge from Germany and Maciej Aniukiewicz from Poland.


The golf tournament will be the 20th consecutive one lead by the team of Bob Geary and Geoff Lanceley and will benefit Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP).   The Grand sponsor is Bridgeway, through Dick Cancelmo.


Rotary Year 2017-2018

Our Youth Exchange Students are Julia Giacon Lopes from Brazil and Jose D'Oliveira from France

Rotary Year 2018-2019

Our Youth Exchange Students are Enea Citterio from Italy, Eva Hung from Taiwan and Caty Fonsskov from Denmark.  We "adopted" Caty because the club she was with could not complete their sponsorship.

Rotary Year 2019-2020

Our Youth Exchange Students are Emma David from France and Sebastian Lauritsen from Denmark.