Ray & Trevor


In November 2013 West U Travel had a visit from Trevor Standefor, an American now living in Normandy, France who conducts private American D-Day Tours.  He told us he knew a small village in Normandy that flies the flag of Texas in their small city hall and that it was in a battered state.

They do this to honor LTC. James E. Rudder who as you know became president of A&M after the war. He lead an assault up 100 foot high cliffs on D-Day because the artillery guns at the top were threatening the landings at Utah and Omaha beaches.

Ray gave Norman a West U Rotary Club Texas Flags.  This month we got a message from Norman.



Last week I went to meet the mayor of Criqueville en Bessin, this small village that's very close to Pointe du Hoc.  I called and got an appointment and went with my mom ( she's a tour-guide travel consultant and the person who got me into the business, thanks mom)

Monsieur Pain Frederic was very happy to get the flag and told me that he would invite us to the mass that they celebrate in the church of the village (where there's a monument to James E. Rudder inside) every March of every year to honor Rudder's death.

At that occasion together we will raise the flag in the small courtyard, (I will have more pictures then) that these French people of Normandy have not forgotten almost 70 years later the sacrifices of our soldiers for freedom and  democracy. 

Trevor and Mayor


Let's Never Forget.
Only for Texans coming to Normandy will I include this in my 1 and 2 day tour giving it a Texan twist on things.

If you know any Texan reporter coming over to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day  I'd be happy to introduce him to the mayor.

Have a wonderful season, I hope this finds you well.
"Made in Texas Born in Normandy"
Best from Normandy
Trevor Standefer