Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Isis Mejias Aug 20, 2020
Sanitation and Hygiene
Sanitation and Hygiene

My long term goal is to create worldwide incentives for water reuse both in domestic and industrial scales by supporting water treatment and energy projects that are sustainable and allow the conservation of our world water sources.

For more than a decade, I have been involved in project planning and management of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) programs around the world. In 2019, I founded Global WaSH to form a network of people that can support international development projects and create a center of expertise in WaSH.

4th Thursday Club Social - no morning meeting Aug 27, 2020 6:00 PM
Social Zoom Meeting

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Jeff Van Gundy, Former NY Knicks , Houston Rockets Sep 03, 2020
NBA Stories and Update on Covid Season
Juliette, Former Exchange Student from France Sep 03, 2020
District Governor Scott Rainey Sep 10, 2020
District Governor 2020-2021
Rotary International District 5890
Mary T. Callahan, Executive Director Sep 17, 2020
Girls on the Run
4th Thursday Club Social - no morning meeting Sep 24, 2020 6:00 PM
Trinity Reilly, Joana LeFebvre, Charlotte Thornton Oct 01, 2020
Past Outbound Youth Exchange Students Reflection
Sola Lawal-Houston Delivery Service Manager Nuro Oct 08, 2020
Nuro Cars
Nuro Cars

Nuro has partnered with Kroger and CVS to offer convenient, affordable delivery to the Houston community. In certain zip codes throughout Houston, Kroger customers can have their groceries delivered right to their homes, and similarly, CVS customers can have prescriptions and other necessities brought to their curbside by Nuro’s fleet. Fewer errands = more time to spend on life, doing the things you love.

Hannah Steen Oct 15, 2020
Houston Angels

Lawyer, Reader, Advocate, Planner
Likes: Reading, hiking, swimming, summertime (even in Texas), animals,
wildflowers, caves, and plants
Dislikes: Constant negativity, the cold, onions, and seagulls
Hannah grew up in Katy, Texas and attended Southwestern University. She took
a year off from school before starting at the University of Houston Law Center
where she completed her JD in May 2020. For a short time before starting law
school, Hannah gave tours of a cave. After her time as a tour guide, she sought
out more information about the vital role that caves play in providing Texans and
people all over the world with clean groundwater. She now hopes to pursue a
career in oil and gas in karst terrain, where caves are most likely to form. Hannah
also loves to be outdoors, especially in the summer, and enjoys hiking. Her
favorite place is the Texas Hill Country. She has two cats and a large indoor
Hannah started advocating for foster children through Child Advocates in Harris
County, but she has always been passionate about being a voice for those who
need it most. Hannah’s passion is ensuring that children in the foster care system
have at least one consistent relationship in their lives and that they grow up in a
safe environment. She originally heard about Austin Angels and loved the
mission of the organization. Once Hannah learned there was a Houston chapter
she wanted to get involved as much as possible. Offering consistent support
through intentional giving and mentorship aligns perfectly with Hannah’s goals
in assisting and supporting foster kids and their families.

4th Thursday Club Social - no morning meeting Oct 22, 2020 6:00 PM
John C. Martin Oct 29, 2020
American Cancer Society
Brock Wagner, CEO - St. Arnolds Brewing Company Nov 05, 2020
Running a Business in COVID Times